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and spread worldwide !

Borderless Giving!

Empower the world with transparent donations through blockchain ! 



GIVERS provides a platform where people worldwide can make donations easily and securely. Donors can make donations using various currencies, including GIVERS($GIV).

They can choose from a wide range of

charitableorganizations and non-profit organizations worldwide.

Donors select the recipient organization on the GIVERS platform and specify the donation amount. The funds are automatically transferred to the beneficiary organization.

All donation transactions are recorded on the blockchain in the GIVERS platform. This allows anyone to verify the flow of funds, ensuring transparency in the donation process. It also prevents embezzlement and misuse of donations.

For donors who have made significant contributions, GIVERS offers titled NFTs, special shield awards, an awards ceremony, and the establishment of an exclusive community. These initiatives motivate donors and encourage more people to participate.

The Thoughts Behind GIVERS' Logo


Many precious lives are lost due to disasters and wars happening around the world. We believe that in such critical situations, lives can be saved if prompt support is delivered.

GIVERS makes it possible to quickly collect donations from all over the world, crossing national borders by utilizing blockchain technology. Through our platform, we hope that the thoughts of kind-hearted people worldwide will come together as one, saving more lives.

Our logo expresses the idea that when a network of goodwill connected by blockchain comes together, a great compassion is formed.


GIVERS' logo embodies our strong desire to connect the goodwill of people around the world with the power of blockchain and save as many lives as possible. With this thought in our hearts, we will create an environment where more people can participate in donations with peace of mind.

Token Holder Utilities

As a special benefit for top donors, the $GIVERS platform offers the awarding of titled NFTs, the holding of an awards ceremony, and the establishment of an exclusive community.


We have a design philosophy to activate $GIV to sustain the ecosystem.

Token Tax 0%

The tax on buying and selling this token is 0%, making it a design friendly to token holders.

Buyback & Burn

$GIV plans to burn 10-15% of the tokens within 3 months of issuance. Thereafter, token burns will be conducted periodically using the revenue from the donation platform to increase the token's value.

Ensuring the team's commitment

When there is a one-year lockup period for the tokens allocated to the team, it guarantees that the team members are committed to the project's success in the long term. This increases investors' confidence in the project's continuity and stability.

Mitigating the risk of price decline

The presence of a lockup period prevents the tokens held by the team from suddenly flooding the market. This helps to mitigate the risk of a sharp price decline of the token. Additionally, a portion of the project's revenue is used for token burning, which further helps to prevent price decline by reducing the token's total supply. For investors, these factors offer the benefit of increased price stability.

Realizing Borderless and Swift Donations through $GIV

By utilizing your cryptocurrency, it becomes possible to swiftly send donations across borders to support victims of global conflicts and natural disasters like earthquakes.

Intimate communication with staff via DM and Telegram

The staff of the ICO project can engage in direct and intimate communication with investors through direct messages and Telegram. This allows investors to obtain more detailed information about the project's progress and future plans. Additionally, investors can expect quick and thorough responses to their questions and concerns. 

Token Information

You can check the details of $GIVERS. 

Token Information 
Token Name = GIVERS
Token Symbol = GIV

Token Information 
Token Contract

Buy = 0%
Sell = 0%




Token Distribution

The distribution of $GIV tokens is as follows:

/PinkSale(Presale) release: 20.00%(2,000,000,000 GIV)
/Liquidity release: 10.20%(1,020,000,000 GIV)
/Air drop: 1.00%(100,000,000 GIV
/Team allocation: 15.00% (1,500,000,000 GIV , 1-year lockup)
/Partnerships: 12.00%(1,200,000,000 GIV
/Ecosystem maintenance: 25.00%(2,500,000,000 GIV
/Marketing & Development: 10.80%(1,080,000,000 GIV
/Advisory: 6.00%(600,000,000 GIV




Token Issuance and Listing on DEX

  • Determine the total supply and allocation

  • Issue the token on the SOL blockchain

  • Start the presale on PinkSale

  • Provide liquidity for the token listing on DEX and create a token/SOL pair

  • List the token on DEX and monitor initial trading activity


Development of Donation Platform

  • Create the UI/UX design for the donation platform

  • Develop a secure and transparent donation system integrated with the blockchain

  • Implement a reward and incentive system for donors

  • Conduct security audits and testing of the platform


Launch of Donation Platform

  • Release the beta version of the donation platform

  • Collect user feedback and implement necessary improvements

  • Launch a marketing campaign for the official release

  • Officially launch the donation platform and provide ongoing support


Listing on multiple centralized exchanges (CEXs)

  • Aim for listing on major centralized exchanges (CEXs)

  • Negotiate partnerships and listing terms with CEXs

  • Meet the technical and legal requirements for token listing on each CEX

  • List the token on multiple CEXs to increase token liquidity and trading volume




1-1-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka Prefecture

ACROS Fukuoka 1F fabbit


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