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Givers ($GIV) Whitepaper

1 / Introduction

1.1 Overview of GIVERS


GIVERS ($GIV) is an innovative cryptocurrency that enables people around the world to make donations easily and securely. Built on the SOL blockchain, GIVERS aims to improve the transparency and efficiency of the donation process. By using $GIV, donors can be confident that their donations will reach the intended organizations.


1.2 The Need for a Donation Platform


Currently, many donation platforms exist, but they may lack transparency in the management and distribution of funds. Donors find it difficult to verify whether their donations are being used appropriately, and there is also a risk of embezzlement. To solve these problems, a highly transparent donation platform utilizing blockchain technology is needed.


1.3 Leveraging Blockchain Technology


GIVERS is built on the SOL blockchain. By leveraging blockchain technology, $GIV ensures transparency and traceability in the donation process. Donors can verify how their donations are being used on the blockchain, preventing embezzlement and misuse of funds.


GIVERS aims to revolutionize the donation process and contribute to the development of a donation culture. By providing a highly transparent donation platform utilizing blockchain technology, $GIV creates an environment where more people can participate in donations with confidence. $GIV acts as a bridge connecting donors and beneficiaries, enabling people worldwide to contribute to building a better society.

2 / Features of GIVERS

2.1 Token Specifications


GIVERS is a cryptocurrency issued on the SOL blockchain. The token name is GIVERS, and the symbol is $GIV. The SOL blockchain was chosen to automate the donation process and ensure transparency.


2.2 Token Issuance


The total supply of $GIV is 10 billion tokens. There will be only an initial issuance, with no additional issuance. The issuance schedule is currently under consideration, but a token presale on PinkSale and listing on DEX are planned.


2.3 Token Distribution


The distribution of $GIV tokens is as follows:

/PinkSale(Presale) release: 20.00%(2,000,000,000 GIV)
/Liquidity release: 10.20%(1,020,000,000 GIV)
/Air drop: 1.00%(100,000,000 GIV
/Team allocation: 15.00% (1,500,000,000 GIVE , 1-year lockup)
/Partnerships: 12.00%(1,200,000,000 GIV
/Ecosystem maintenance: 25.00%(2,500,000,000 GIV
/Marketing & Development: 10.80%(1,080,000,000 GIV
/Advisory: 6.00%(600,000,000 GIV


This distribution aims to manage the circulation of $GIV appropriately and adjust liquidity to ensure the long-term development of the project.


2.4 Transaction Fees


There are no fees for $GIV transactions. Buyers only need to cover the SOL gas fees. This aims to make the token user-friendly.


2.5 Token Burns


GIVERS plans to burn 10-15% of the tokens within 3 months of issuance. Thereafter, token burns will be conducted periodically using the revenue from the donation platform to increase the token's value.


2.6 Lockup


The tokens allocated to the team will be fully locked up for 1 year from issuance. This demonstrates the team's commitment and enhances the project's credibility.

2.7 Utility

1) Awarding Titles and NFTs Based on Donation Amounts


Based on the donation amount, titles such as "Platinum Supporter," "Gold Supporter," "Silver Supporter," and "Bronze Supporter" will be granted. 

2) Staking Rewards


By staking (locking up) tokens, you may be able to earn rewards in some cases. This allows token holders to generate passive income (planned to be implemented within this year).

3) Acquiring Governance Rights


By holding tokens, you can gain the right to participate in the decision-making process of the project. Voting rights are granted based on the amount of tokens held, allowing you to influence the direction of the project (planned to be implemented within this year).

4) Exclusive Online Community for Top Donors

An online community exclusively for top donors will be established, providing them with the latest information about the recipient organizations and a space for interaction with other top donors. Through this community, networking among top donors will be facilitated, strengthening the overall unity of the $GIVERS community.

5) Best GIVERS Award

An annual awards ceremony will be held, inviting top donors, and the event will be publicized in the media. This will not only widely acknowledge the accomplishments of the top donors but also increase the recognition of the $GIVERS platform.

6) Limited-Edition NFT and Stylish Shield

A specially designed limited-edition NFT and a stylish shield honoring the donor's contributions will be presented, signifying their special status within the $GIVERS community.

3 / Donation Platform

3.1 Platform Overview


GIVERS provides a platform where people worldwide can make donations easily and securely. Donors can make donations using various currencies, including $GIV. They can choose from a wide range of charitable organizations and non-profit organizations worldwide.


3.2 Donation Flow


Donors select the recipient organization on the GIVERS platform and specify the donation amount. The funds are automatically transferred to the beneficiary organization. 5-8% of the donation  will be deducted as an operational fee, of which approximately 1-2% is used for token burning at present. However, please note that these percentages may be subject to change in the future based on various factors and the project's evolving needs. The token burning process is designed to help increase the token's value over time, but the exact impact may vary depending on market conditions and other variables. As the project progresses, the operational fee and token burning percentages might be adjusted to ensure the long-term sustainability and effectiveness of the ecosystem.

3.3 Ensuring Transparency through Blockchain


All donation transactions are recorded on the blockchain in the GIVERS platform. This allows anyone to verify the flow of funds, ensuring transparency in the donation process. It also prevents embezzlement and misuse of donations.


3.4 $GIV Rewards for Top Donors


The GIVERS platform introduces a reward system where top donors receive $GIV rewards. This motivates donors and encourages more people to participate.

4 / Governance

4.1 Governance Model


GIVERS adopts a community-driven governance model. Users who hold $GIV tokens can participate in the decision-making process of the donation platform. Important decisions are made through dialogue with token holders.


4.2 Decision-Making Process


Important decisions regarding the operation of the platform are made through dialogue with $GIV token holders. This is conducted transparently using chat platforms such as Telegram.

5 / Regulatory Compliance

5.1 Compliance with Relevant Regulations


GIVERS pledges to comply with relevant laws and regulations. It will follow the laws and regulations of each country and carry out necessary procedures.


5.2 Risk Management


The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and involves risks. GIVERS thoroughly manages risks and takes measures to protect users' assets.

6 / Roadmap

6.1 Q1: Token Issuance and Listing on DEX


  • Determine the total supply and allocation

  • Issue the token on the SOL blockchain

  • Start the presale on PinkSale

  • Provide liquidity for the token listing on DEX and create a token/SOL pair

  • List the token on DEX and monitor initial trading activity


6.2 Q2-Q3: Development of Donation Platform


  • Create the UI/UX design for the donation platform

  • Develop a secure and transparent donation system integrated with the blockchain

  • Implement a reward and incentive system for donors

  • Conduct security audits and testing of the platform


6.3 Q4 - : Launch of Donation Platform


  • Release the beta version of the donation platform

  • Collect user feedback and implement necessary improvements

  • Launch a marketing campaign for the official release

  • Officially launch the donation platform and provide ongoing support


6.4 2025 : Listing on multiple centralized exchanges (CEXs)


  • Aim for listing on major centralized exchanges (CEXs)

  • Negotiate partnerships and listing terms with CEXs

  • Meet the technical and legal requirements for token listing on each CEX

  • List the token on multiple CEXs to increase token liquidity and trading volume

7 / Team

7.1 Core Members


The core members of GIVERS are experts well-versed in blockchain technology and finance. The background and achievements of each member will be introduced.



Soichiro Koujiya



Born in 1978. Resides in Japan. Graduated from Keio University's Faculty of Law, Department of Law, and completed graduate studies at Waseda University's Graduate School of Finance.


After graduating from university, engaged in real estate acquisition. Joined Tokyo Financial Advisors, Inc., and was involved in the design and evaluation of over 400 stock acquisition rights, convertible bonds, and other instruments. Later, seconded to Lehman Brothers Securities' rehabilitation processing team and managed cash flow in the cash management team.


In 2009, opened and operated more than 100 rental spaces nationwide. Concurrently developed food and beverage (cafes and bars), furniture sales, and real estate investment businesses, and sold the businesses in 2016.


Established Common Future & Co., Ltd. in 2018 and formed an "Area Renovation Fund" for regional revitalization. Invested in Oshima, Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture, and opened the one-group-per-day accommodation facility "VILLA MINAWA" and the French auberge "Auberge Quatre Saisons Munakata". Created industries that add value to the region's attractions and contributed to GDP growth. Also started AI development services to support companies' DX.


Established Local Tourism Co., Ltd. in 2021.


Expressed intention to focus fully on creating a blockchain-based donation platform "GIVERS" in 2024.


Hobby is poker, participating in various tournaments in Japan and abroad, and ranked 45th in Japan (as of April 2024).



Soichiro Sakai



Born on January 30, 1989. Hails from Unzen City, Nagasaki Prefecture. Representative Director and CEO of bocci Inc.


After graduating from high school, he studied IT at a vocational school within the prefecture. He then worked in Fukuoka Prefecture before returning to his hometown of Nagasaki.


In April 2021, he established bocci Inc. with friends from his vocational school days to develop web systems and other projects. He works on application development not only with businesses within the prefecture but also with those outside the prefecture. His family runs a gas station. His hobbies include watching NBA games and going to the sauna.

8 / Disclaimer

8.1 Investment Risks


Investing in cryptocurrencies involves risks such as price fluctuations and project failure. Investors should invest at their own discretion and fully understand the risks.


8.2 Legal Disclaimer


This whitepaper aims to provide an overview of the GIVERS project. The contents of the whitepaper are subject to change without notice. The contents of the whitepaper do not constitute a legal promise or contract.

9 / Conclusion

9.1 Future Potential of GIVERS


GIVERS aims to significantly contribute to the development of a donation culture by providing an innovative donation platform utilizing blockchain technology. It realizes a highly transparent donation process and creates an environment where more people can participate in donations with confidence.


9.2 Contribution to the Development of Donation Culture


GIVERS aims to realize a better society by contributing to the development of a donation culture. Through the donation platform, people worldwide will be able to make donations easily and securely. This is expected to lead to progress in various fields, such as solving social issues and eradicating poverty.


GIVERS pursues the potential of blockchain technology and aims to revolutionize the donation culture. Together with GIVE token holders and community members, we will work towards realizing a better society.

Borderless Giving ! Empower the world with transparent donations through blockchain ! (1).
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